Natural Alternatives

Waxing and Hair Removal

Brazillian Waxing Available
You'll be done before you know it!
Allow about 30 minutes 45 total with health form and Prep.
Cost of this service $50.00

The Prep

1. Let it grow. The ideal waxing length for hair? A quarter-inch, which means you can't shave for three weeks.

2. Ibuprofen for discomfort a key to a faster treatment.

3. Wear a skirt if you like  having some coverage, most Brazilians are done oh natural and your therapist is trained to help make you comfortable and not embarrassed

The Wax

1. Practice your butterfly pose. After you ditch your undies hop on the table and  you'll be asked assume the position: feet together, knees apart. Then we get started.

2. Prepare talking points. Mindless chatter and deep breathing give you something else to concentrate on.

3. Know it'll hurt some.  If you're a newbie "The bulb of a first-timer's hair is larger than the pore you're yanking it from." Regular waxes make the hair finer and the bulb smaller. As the session progresses you will be more relaxed and comfortable.

4. And ... there's more yoga. To go totally bare — crack included! — you'll need to give full access by bringing your knees to your chest. Yes, it is as awkward as it sounds. But amazingly, you'll barely feel a thing there.

Do Not Wax If

1. You take accutane. The prescription acne treatment leaves skin thinner — waxing may tear it.

2. You have a sunburn. For obvious reasons.

3. You're about to hit the beach. Along with hair, waxing takes off protective skin cells, causing sand and salt water to seriously sting.